About us

About us:

Pars Ideal Andish CO.is one of the companies engaged in the human and veterinary food and pharmaceutical industries. It was established in 2005 by a number of experts in Tehran. The company’s aim is to find new products and creative solutions in the registration, importation, and distribution of drugs, vaccines, raw materials for poultry, livestock, aquatic, and companion animals as well as humans. We have been able to take a great step in improving the public health providing the most effective and high-quality European and Asian products to the market.

Management department

This department is responsible for managing, developing, and planning the projects, providing innovative ways for the welfare of the company.

Commercial department

This department is concentrating on the global market’s potential to provide reliable opportunities for the company.

Technical department

Utilizing the expertise of the veterinarians, pharmacists and other experts, this department provides innovation and productivity and helps with finding opportunities and knowing the market demands. With the help of modern and technological science, our experts try to introduce new products and import the products improving public health.

Sales department

Our senior sellers try to find the potential opportunities in the market and gather information on them, make plans and take control of all the activities concerning sales improvement, customer attraction and customer retention.

They oversight every step of the process, from taking order to the time of the delivery. They also ask customers for the review about the products.